Boris Veytsman


Main Interests


PhD, Theoretical Physics. Odesa University, Odesa, Ukraine
MSc (Cum Laude), Theoretical Physics. Odesa University, Odesa, Ukraine

Professional Experience

since 2017
Research Scientist, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

since 2002
Affiliated Professor, Computational Materials Science Center & School of Systems Biology, George Mason University

Principal Engineer, Exelis, Inc., since 2015 Harris, Corp.

since 2003
Independent Consultant, Veytsman Consulting

July-November 2014
Senior Developer, Akorbi (a Google contractor)

Scientist, Research and Data Systems Corp. (a contractor for Goddard Space Flight Center)

Adjunct Professor (1998-2001), Research Associate (1993-1998), Visiting Faculty (1992-1993), Pennsylvania State University

Research Associate, Physics-Chemical Institute, Odesa, Ukraine
Research Associate, Odesa University, Odesa, Ukraine

Open source contributions


List of Publications

S. Agarwal, B. Veytsman, D. Fletcher, and G. Huber. The kinetics and optimality of influenza A virus locomotion, bioRxiv, 2024.

M. Wilkinson and B. Veytsman. Scale dependence of distributions of hotspots, Journal of Statistical Physics, 191(5), 60, May 2024.

A. Nesbitt, B. Veytsman, D. Mietchen, E. Maxfield Brown, J. Howison, J. F. Pimentel, L. Hèbert-Dufresne, and S. Druskat. Biomedical open source software: Crucial packages and hidden heroes, arXiv e-prints, Apr. 2024.

S. Agarwal, B. Veytsman, D. A. Fletcher, and G. Huber. Superdiffusive motion of influenza A on surfaces, Biophys. J., 123(3 Suppl. 1), 325A, 2024.

B. Veytsman. Updating the nostarch class, TUGboat, 44(2), 200-202, 2023.

V. Srivastava, J. L. Hu, J. C. Garbe, B. Veytsman, S. F. Shalabi, D. Yllanes, M. Thomson, M. A. LaBarge, G. Huber, and Z. J. Gartner. Configurational entropy is an intrinsic driver of tissue structural heterogeneity, bioRxiv, 2023.

M. Kamb, J. Byrum, G. Huber, G. L. Treut, S. Mehta, B. Veytsman, and D. Yllanes. Statistical topology of the streamlines of a two-dimensional flow, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 55(50), 505001, Dec. 2022.

G. Le Treut, G. Huber, M. Kamb, K. Kawagoe, A. McGeever, J. Miller, R. Pnini, B. Veytsman, and D. Yllanes. A high-resolution flux-matrix model describes the spread of diseases in a spatial network and the effect of mitigation strategies, Scientific Reports, 12(1), 15946, Sep 2022.

B. Veytsman. Using knitr and LaTeX for literate laboratory notes, TUGboat, 43(2), 2022.

A.-M. Istrate, D. Li, D. Taraborelli, M. Torkar, B. Veytsman, and I. Williams. A large dataset of software mentions in the biomedical literature, arXiv e-prints, p. arXiv:2209.00693, Sep. 2022.

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A. Chu, G. Huber, A. McGeever, B. Veytsman, and D. Yllanes. A random-walk-based epidemiological model, Scientific Reports, 11(1), 19308, Sep 2021.

K. Kawagoe, M. Rychnovsky, S. Chang, G. Huber, L. M. Li, J. Miller, R. Pnini, B. Veytsman, and D. Yllanes. Epidemic dynamics in inhomogeneous populations and the role of superspreaders, Phys. Rev. Research, 3, 033283, Sep 2021.

G. Huber, M. Kamb, K. Kawagoe, L. M. Li, A. McGeever, J. Miller, B. A. Veytsman, and D. Zigmond. A minimal model for household-based testing and tracing in epidemics, Physical Biology, 18(4), 045002, 2021.

G. Huber, M. Kamb, K. Kawagoe, L. M. Li, B. Veytsman, D. Yllanes, and D. Zigmond. A minimal model for household effects in epidemics, Physical Biology, 17(6), 065010, Oct. 2020.

S. Satish, Z. Yao, A. Drozdov, and B. Veytsman. The impact of preprint servers in the formation of novel ideas, in: Proceedings of the First Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing, pp. 42-55, Online, Nov. 2020, Association for Computational Linguistics.

D. Thai, Z. Xu, N. Monath, B. Veytsman, and A. McCallum. Using BibTeX to automatically generate labeled data for citation field extraction, in: Automated Knowledge Base Construction, 2020.

L. Akhmadeeva, A. Kireeva, A. Timirova, G. Bulyakova, D. Islamgareeva, A. Kutlubaeva, and B. Veytsman. Efficiency of rehabilitation after stroke: A multifactor analysis, European J. Neur., 27, 115, 2020.

B. Veytsman, T. Cui, and A. Baranova. Practical detection of biological age: Why it is not a trivial task, in: A. Moskalev, ed., Biomarkers of Human Aging. Healthy Ageing and Longevity, vol. 10, Springer, 2019, Cham.

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